Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s Xmas in the Red House

The obaminations have decorated the Red House(used to be White until Commies moved in) with their vision of Xmas. Thirty-seven trees decked out with what they think is appropriate for Xmas decorations, garlands draped over everything horizontal, Bo idols strategically placed.

One tree has Bo all over it. One has more traditional ornaments. One has Purple Hearts, military medals, etc. One has … Wait. What? Purple Hearts? Purple hearts as in papier-mâché, painted glass, or something like that? No. As in the medal, Purple Heart, given to those members of the military who “are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.” Notice it doesn’t mention hanging on a tree? Check the website. Notice it doesn’t say that it’s appropriate to use as a Xmas decoration? Notice it doesn’t say that it can be used helter-skelter, willy-nilly however anyone wishes? It states that it is to be awarded to those who “are wounded by an instrument of war”. When did that tree get “wounded by an instrument of war”? If the tree did not fight and get wounded, it should not be decorated with a Purple Heart, much less with multiple Purple Hearts.

For the obaminations to use a Purple Heart, the military medal, as a decoration for their Xmas tree is not just wrong, it’s a slap in the face of all Purple Heart honorees worldwide. That tree could have been just as much of a tribute to our military men and women without denigrating one of the most revered awards the military has. For obaminations to use a Purple Heart as a tree decoration says to those who have been awarded it that their valor, their sacrifice, their heroism is just as valuable to the obaminations – and because it’s in the “People’s House”, the (used to be White now-) Red House – and that the nation as a whole, that their sacrifice is cheap, like a souvenir we bought while in Aruba, Alaska, or Madrid. The nation as a whole is now attributed to the denigration of the Purple Heart, to slapping the honorees in the face and making their Purple Heart worth as much as a glass ornament, a popcorn string, or paper chain.

That’s just wrong and I, for one, resent the obaminations denigrating the Purple Heart’s vaunted place in the lexicon of military history and honor. From now on, every Purple Heart honoree will be so proud to know that the award is so special that it also hung on a Xmas tree. Won’t that make the medal on his/her chest even more revered?

Then there’s the whole thing about the Xmas decorations being a witness to the obaminations’ extravagance in times of want. They put up thirty-seven trees, decked every horizontal surface, had a different decoration for every tree, and a different designer for each room, a whole slew of folks in there to volunteer to help with the decorations. Question: did those volunteers get time with the obaminations? (How valuable is the ear of the president even if he’s an ACORNed president?) Did they get fed at taxpayer expense? Did the decorations get purchased by the taxpayers? Did the trees get donated or were they purchased by the taxpayers? How about all those decorations? Were they donated? The lights and the electricity they use, were/are they donated?

In years past previous presidents reused some of the ornaments of past Christmases, or decorated their own tree (and here near the bottom of the page). Yes, Laura Bush had more trees (“nearly fifty”), than the current family, but when reusing ornaments, it’s cheaper to do so. The current “first” family seems to think that they are royalty and that we, the taxpayers, should pay for their every whim, no matter how difficult it is for us to pay our own bills, feed our own family, keep our own house!

Then there’s the whole idea of Christmas and where it is represented in their decorations. Obamination has long said he’s a Christian (well, at least since it became convenient and he had to hide his hatred of America and his Islamism). Anyone see a nativity? Anyone see a manger? Anyone see Christ? See an angel even as a tree topper? I see stars, but they’re the “regular” stars, not one that is considered the traditional representation of the Northern Star that led the Wise Men to Jesus in the manger. Anyone see anything even remotely resembling a Christian symbol at all? I see Bo, the family’s dog. I do not see Jesus. I do not see a Nativity scene. I wonder what kind of Christian celebrates Christmas – Xmas in this case – without a Nativity? To me, that is what Christmas is all about. No Christ, no Christmas. Where is the Christ in their Christmas? Thus, the “Xmas” designation is more appropriate for the obaminations’ décor.

The Bo thing gets to me, too. I see a tree there that has Bo all over it. I see Bo in almost every room: on tables, in marzipan in front of the gingerbread White House, and in buttons, hanging by his neck on a tree (in the bottom video). Yes, they love the family pet. If they wish to celebrate this way, why not change the name of their celebration to “Bo-mas”? After all, that seems to be who they are celebrating instead of Christ. Having that many Bo-icons (pronounced Bow-ih-cons) as the focus of the decorations seems to indicate what is most important in the family’s celebration of the season. So they are having “Bo-mas” instead of a Christmas, are they not? After all, Christ can’t be mentioned unless He’s convenient and necessary for the hiding of the truth. This assertion is proven every time obamination drops the name of Jesus. It’s only there to hide the truth, to distort the facts, to be a convenient touch point. Obamination’s actions speak louder than his words even in his un-Christmas decorations.

In my family – and I would venture to guess, in yours – when Christmas comes around there is a Nativity scene, as well as a few Holy Family representations around. There are ornaments that remind us, as well as traditions that remind us, about what Christmas is all about. We read the story of Christ’s birth in Luke every Christmas Eve, and we remember Him on Christmas day with thanksgiving, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord”. Anyone see a Christian Bible in those pictures? I don't. What does that tell you?

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