Monday, December 19, 2011

American Community Survey: AN UPDATE

The doorbell rang about thirty minutes ago. My hubby went to find out what the man at the door wanted. Turns out he worked for the Census Bureau. The guy asked if we had received the ACS and hubby said that we had. Hubby told the Census worker why we had not returned the questionnaire: too invasive. Hubby also asked the Census worker if the Census worker had ever read the questions and the answer was no. The Census worker had a computer that showed how many times they had called us and all of that information. Census worker said that if you don't want to answer the questions you don't have to all they needed was our name.

Excuse me?! What about the written threat that is printed ON the ACS that it is required by law that we respond? What happened to that? Back in 1962, a guy named Rickenbacker was convicted of not answering the questions. But nowadays, with the Tea Party and people becoming more aware of the liberties they have been losing over the last forty years, people have started standing up to the government and refusing to cooperate with the government's invasion of our privacy, property rights and religious freedoms. In other words, the people learning their rights and the U.S. Constitution is doing the people some good! That frightens the government.

I also think that it's very telling that the Census worker told hubby that he's also working a government survey that asks the citizens how much they spend on groceries!! Can you imagine the government actually needing that information? I won't respond to that one, either!

I'll let you know if there is any further action taken by the Census Bureau. I don't trust them.

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