Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why obamination Is NOT Impeached

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that supports my Birther-ism. I know obamination is ineligible, the e-mail just proved it again. When responding I chose to look into a few things that would result from proof that obamination is an illegal president.

Executive orders he has signed: nullified.
Laws an ineligible president signed: negated.
Appointments of federal judges: unseated; rulings nullified; cases retried.
• Lawsuits the administration filed against the states : over ballot issues, over illegal immigration, and more issues resulting in more law suits the administration has filed: dismissed.
Czars he has appointed: fired.
Jobs within the bureaucracy: gone!
International treaties signed: unenforceable.
Vacations he and his family have taken: must be reimbursed.
Presidential salary and pension plan: reimbursed and revoked.
He would, of course be jailed.
Thousands of voter fraud cases investigated and prosecuted.
Staff of ms obamination: fired.
• Etc. Etc. Etc.

The thing will be a holy terror to straighten out. Unemployment numbers would skyrocket.

This is the biggest reason the administration thinks the House and Senate cannot do anything. The administration can't imagine the House and Senate dealing with the implications and ramifications. And, in actuality, it's the truth. It's fear freezing feet when it should be right making righteous indignation act and strength against weakness making them bold. Too bad our House and Senate are men with "feet of clay" (Daniel 2:33).

Oh! I forgot one thing:
• Status within the Dem./Wrongie party: GOD! For pulling the biggest fraud in history on the American people.

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