Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arguing In Circles

Believe it or not, I spent about five hours “debating” with a member-but-non-member of “Anonymous” overnight. I found out that they don’t have members, they vote but don’t actually, and they count the votes that they don’t take but they don’t count them because they take them. There are no leaders, just people who persuade and if someone thinks something is a good idea, it just gets done, but it isn’t something that they tell you to do because they tell you to do it but not. Yes. It went exactly like that. My head is still pounding with the illogic of it. Maddening. So, I did what I always do. I wrote a poem about it. And here it is for your enjoyment:

by and © 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

I talked to you for quite a while,
all the time with just a smile,
at what you thought was "logical"
but was actually hodgepodgical.

You argued this and you argued that
turned around and rephrased the cat,
and said the air was blue-aful,
or maybe good was only awful.

The circles run 'round by your thoughts
engulfed a yacht and half a box
of chocolate covered Langoliers
and reduced me almost straight to tears.

When once you said that X was true,
then posting later it's opposite rue,
you made my head spin on its stalk
to you it was so hard to talk.

When discussing facts you had some straight,
but logic, reason - oh fate! - escaped,
and just because you said Y here
you pulled it back and held it dear.

Retractions none came from your mouth
quixotic behemoth north is south.
Believe yourself a great debater
believe me, sir, negotiator

If but a whiff of logic stirs
you'd stamp it down, cover with myrrh,
and froth up waffles to dungeon couture
escaping molecule of reason mature.

Deny not your illogical tome
it sits safely on Twitter's home.
If this is Z, but it's not, and "C",
or W is N but cannot be...

Be still my brain, relax and calm
let this poem be my balm.
When illogical logic circles you
Just remember, they haven't a clue.

by and © 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved