Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Community Survey: AN UPDATE

Well, it's been a while since I posted the American Community Survey info and now it's time for an update. Since then, we've received up to four calls in one day from the Census Bureau. We have also received mail from them "asking" us to respond.

I wonder if it's okay for the U.S. Census Bureau to harass the public. I wonder how long they'll continue with their program of harassment and intimidation? I also wonder if they'll do anything more than harassment?

Either way, it's ridiculous that they're having people WE PAY harass the people who PAY THEM! I think it's high time someone took on the U.S. Census Bureau and make them leave us alone after the initial contact in which they ask us to respond. If we choose not to -- there is NO LAW that states we have to, it's a regulation: something a bureaucracy made up for us to obey. There is no reason for us to obey the people we PAY who should be OBEYING US. After all, we are their BOSSES, are we not? They are the "public servants"; not vice versa.

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