Friday, November 11, 2011

A Veterans' Day Poem: SHE SERVES

Sometimes during the night hours
She sits watch and thinks about
The loved ones back at home
Those she’s doing without
And when in sadness, weary,
She feels so all alone,
She looks back at her squadron
And lonely no longer bemoans.

Sometimes on patrol
Within the danger zone
She worries about her safety
But not for hers alone
She wonders how her family
Without her there would fare
And her fellow soldiers
Would do without her there.

She knows it’s not her presence
That ensures their safety, success
It’s just that when she’s with them
She’s their Momma Bear Princess.
She listens to their problems,
And comforts their fears and doubts
And sometimes, lends a shoulder
For them to cry them out.

For when she made the Army
Her home, her family,
She knew the sacrifices
Enormous, hard would be.
Yet, worth it all she counts them
With all the worries, cares,
When in harm’s way she enters
She knows her brothers there

Have got her back and always
Will watch out for her here.
Here where harm surrounds her
She keeps her “brothers” near
Sometimes safety rides in numbers,
But here danger lurks in secrets
The enemy whisper soft
And moments are divided by
Escaping danger oft.

‘Tis eighty days till home
Will greet her weary eyes
A daughter, a son, a husband
Await her to arrive.
A memory will haunt her
At home with family’s love
A brother soldier died
While cradled in her arms.

He was her “little brother”
Her laughter when depressed,
He kept them all together
When anger was trumped by jest.
His smile was contagious
And never did it fail
To bring about the unit
That needed laughter’s hail.

His mother she did contact
And tell the sad, sad news
And wept as long as she did
For her heart was broken, too.
When home she sees at last,
She’ll call her once again,
Go visit grave of “brother” passed.
So now she sits and watches
And keeps her squadron safe
And thinks about her loved ones
Back home she’s keeping free.
She knows it’s all been worth it,
Her country more secure,
Because she chose to serve us
America’s Freedom will endure.

So now we thank our soldiers
On this, their Veterans’ Day,
We thank them for their service
And for the price they pay.
We thank their friends and family
For their own sacrifice
Of time without their soldier
And too oft, for their lives.

© 2011 Linda McKinney


  1. Very, very nice. My dad and my uncle both served in Korea (Navy and Air Force, respectively). I didn't because of my eyesight (20/700, 4F). But I still serve in other ways. Even as a raging liberal.

  2. Thank, Bill!

    Our military women seem to be forgotten, overlooked, or left out of our celebrations so I thought it high time someone decided to do something about that. I hope some of them see this and like it.

    Tell your Father and uncle I said, "Thank you for your service," please.


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