Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Donald Trump is a Duck

Hey, Trump supporters, wake up!

UPDATE Oct. 22, 2018: I have changed my mind about Pres. Donald J. Trump since he was elected. He has done great things for America and I am so VERY GLAD he won! I say this because I believe it’s time for those who support Trump because “He’s an outsider!” to wake up and smell the coffee, feel the cool breeze on your faces and to let your brain think about more than the “outsider” you think you’re supporting.

I use quotes around “outsider” because you’re asleep at the wheel if you think he’s an “outsider”. Which outsider do you know whose wedding included hillary clinton (bill joined her later at the reception) as guests? In fact, their daughters are often seen together in NYC. How many “outsiders” do you know of who have supported both democrats and republicans? Which “outsider” are you familiar with who has worked within the system for the last fifty years and knows half of the U.S. House and Senate well enough to invite them to his parties? He goes to the insider events, for goodness’ sake! “Outsiders” don’t have the kinds of supporters Trump has nor do they have the kinds of Hollywood friends Trump has.

“Outsider”? Right. If Trump is an “outsider” I’m the sun, moon and the stars!

“Outsiders” are – by definition – outsiders. Thus they have no knowledge of the “inside” workings of the Washington elite and the elite’s supporters. If you consider yourself an “outsider” – as I’m sure most of you do – do you have the kinds of friends, party invites and knowledge as does Trump? If not, then that’s the definition of an “outsider”.

For those who are supporting Trump because he will turn things in D.C. upside down with his “outsider” status, you’re asleep, too. He has done so many deals with D.C., with the wheelers and dealers, that he has some of the D.C. insiders on auto-dial, I’m sure.

Why is it that you have the whole idea that Trump is an “outsider” when he has all of this going on?

How many “outsiders” can get the things done worldwide that Trump has gotten done? You don’t get things done in NYC without rubbing elbows with the high-muckety-mucks and slapping their backs. “Outsiders” don’t do that.

Trump Towers is a magnificent building, obviously. However, the people who have graced its corridors and dirtied its bed sheets are not the Mom and Pop people of mid-America, of course. Which Mom and Pop who isn’t an “insider” can afford those kinds of prices?

Trump spews a lot of rhetoric about being an “outsider” and that’s all fine, but is it TRUE?

Let’s face the hard cold facts here. There is a perfect example of what is actually going on with Trump and his supporters. He’s playing them like fool’s fiddles. Remember when he said that he could go out and shoot someone in the street and people would still vote for him? Does that not tell you how much he is taking your belief in his “outsider” status – and thus those who support him as such – for granted? He thinks that because you don’t know that he’s been partying with these folks and rubbing elbows with them for the last fifty years that you automatically assume that he’s an “outsider”. Well, donating to both sides of the aisle to get things done is not being an “outsider”, it’s being a player. In this instance he’s playing a large portion of the American people for fools.

Trump supporters, you may hope to have someone who isn’t a D.C.-ite in the White House, but which candidate currently running is not an insider? Trump has no “outsider” credentials except for the fact that he has never been elected nor appointed to any political office. That doesn’t mean he’s an “outsider” it means he’s an insider who is too busy making money to donate to elected officials to run for public office. Period.

Insiders don’t have to be elected officials to be insiders. Anyone who has influence inside of D.C. is an insider. Trump’s given enough money, done enough for elected officials – or appointed officials – to be an insider, agree? So what is there that is “outsider” about him?

Remember, he hasn’t been undesirous to be an insider. He has done the “run for president” bit before. He covets being an elected official. He wants it so badly he can taste the Kobe Beef right from the current White House resident’s mouths. (Okay, that’s gross, but you get the idea.) Don’t you think it’s time for you to make his “outsider” status a reality?

Falling prey to the “outsider” appeal of the Trump “legend” of “outsider-ism” is not something most people realized they were doing, I suspect. They want fresh blood, new faces, new words: words they can believe. The problem Trump-ists have is that there is no proof they can believe Trump! He has said this, that and the other, but in several cases has already had to take back his words. Sounds like a Washington insider to me! If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck…

His flip-flops on his own “principles” should tell you something about his “outsider” status as well. “Outsiders” have a core of principles upon which they base their lives, behavior, words and political stances. Core values/principles hold you fast and steady to who you are and what you will (or will not) do to get what you want. If you believe that stealing is wrong and that’s a core value, you don’t steal. If you believe that lying is wrong and it’s a core value, you don’t lie. If you believe that being elected takes whatever it takes is a core value, then you do whatever it takes.

Is that not what Trump is doing: whatever it takes? He has always done so. Give to the democrats and to the republicans (no respect, no caps) and that’s how you play the game: it’s “the art of the deal”. We’ve known about his giving to both sides of the political spectrum in order to get deals done for ages. But how about when he’s president? What will that look like when he’s in the White House? Will that “outsider” who plays both sides of the fence do the same to get his own way while he’s “representing” us? We’ve seen what that looks like with the clintons and obama do we really want it again, even from someone you thought of as an “outsider”? Hillary with her family’s foundation and the money she raked in as Secretary of State was playing both sides of the fence. The current occupier of the White House is playing both sides of the fence when he refuses to build a fence at our border and when he brings in thousands of Muslims while saying he’s bringing in Christians from Syria. That’s playing both sides of the fence. We’ve been there, doing that. Why should we play the same song over with a different title: this time “Outsider For Hire”?

It’s not just Trump’s lies, his double-mindedness, his donating to both sides, his lack of principles (how many times has he flip-flopped on abortion?), but most of all, for me, it’s his taking the support of so many faithful, principled, desperate for freedom and relief Americans for granted that chafes the most. How dare he yank your chain and pull you around the way he has and do so while bragging about it and all the while being an insider, par excellence! He isn’t just an insider, he is one of the most inside of the insiders. After all, you don’t get a former president and the presumed next democrat nominee at your wedding if you aren’t an insider, n’est-ce pas?

Think about it, America. Then move on away from Donald J. Trump. Insiders are as insiders do and we’ve already been there, done that, got the tax increases, failed healthcare, failed V.A. care, failed foreign policies and failures at telling the truth enough to know better.

I do not support give 100% support to any candidate for the 2016 presidential race. The most I can muster for any candidate is 60% and that’s for Sen. Ted Cruz, but I don’t really like him that much. At least with him, we have a record of his actions as Texas Attorney General and U.S. Senator to know his history. (Full disclosure: Cruz – 60% support; Kasich – 15%; Trump – 10%; Socialist sanders and Clinton – 0%.) We don’t have that record of actions as an elected official, held accountable to the people who elected him with Trump; all we have are words. Considering his words have been lies, walking things back and bragging, I don’t think that’s good enough. His actions speak louder. His actions are not “outsider” actions, but they do influence “insider” results. Remember, he likes to inflict pain on the little guy. In fact, he is quoted as having said this:
“‘I’ll do what I have to do,’ he continued. ‘Even if I’m not going to win. I do it because at least you can inflict pain that way on somebody, in terms of legal fees and other things.’”
He’s yanking your chain. Ducks are ducks. Don’t continue calling him an “outsider” when in fact he’s a duck.

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