Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Marble There Said Nothing

-- My 2013 Memorial Day Tribute

© 2013 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

The marble there said nothing we hadn’t seen before,
Words like “Died in Battle”, “Son of”, “Mi Amor”.
In sunrise, it shines softly, glows upon the hill,
In darkness, it reflects sorrow: so silent and so still.

In rows and rows of marble, we see the price they paid,
For freedom’s greatest harvest: liberty has stayed.
But is the price of freedom, worth all they gave to us?
Or do we stop the struggle, give in and others trust?

Lives that could’ve been saved, their futures lived in full,
Their loved ones must have wondered, “What if…”, “Is it possible?”
Would those who cannot answer give the nod to what
The price of freedom took from them, without a pause or thought?

And there beneath that marble, upon which names endure,
Would those who paid the total price, now be so sure?
Of their sacrificial service as when they signed up?
Or of their country’s value to give their own life’s cup?

To drink from the fount, of n’er ending grief,
For wife, husband, child, parent, and delay the turning leaf?
Or would their answer stand the test of time’s unfailing tock,
Resounding through the ages, and eternity’s ne’r failing clock?

For marble’s future gloaming, for freedom’s future fight,
Their answer lives upon the rock that shines in fading light.
John, Gary, Emanuel… Harry, Favre’, Sam*:
Answered question with stout heart’s resounding, “Here I am!

Moon glows upon the marble that lists the names of all
Who answered with their lives the bell of freedom’s call.
In Vietnam, WWI or Two, or Afghanistan, Iraq,
Liberty tugged their heartstrings; refused they to turn back.

Memorial Day upon us, I want to thank you again
For giving of all you had for America to win.
The marble there said nothing we hadn’t seen before,
Words like “Died in Battle”, “Son of”, “Mi Amor”.

*Sam = Samantha

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Truth of Light

© 2013 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

Benghazi's shadow casts its gloom,
The IRS scandal looms,
Fast and Furious and Eric Holder,
A truer wrong -- could it be bolder?
And other things not yet known
Await discovery, to cast their gloam.
This administration's disgrace,
The president shouldn't show his face.

Our country -- great once it was --
Now in tatters, its glory does
Shine no brighter than scandal's dark,
And "free" health care was just a lark,
As lies and division created by his hand,
A darker version of Triumph's stand,
Against the foes of foreign shores,
Instead, our enemy's Michelle's paramour.

Destroying all he can by day,
Into the night he slips away,
Benghazi? Nah, he'll sleep through,
As four die under red, white and blue.
It matters not to him who rules,
He goes golfing (he has the tools).
It's not important what we think,
For him it's just a fart and blink.

America was a thing of the past,
He'll have his dream, longing at last!
Destroy her quickly, unless they learn
What the plan is and on him turn,
Taxes, lies, stimulus,
They all combine 'till we go bust,
And America that was, goes down in flames,
Him? No. He'll take no blame.

It will be us, or Bush's fault,
His plans will march on, will not halt,
Until She's dead, this land of dreams,
It won't be him, nor his foul schemes,
George Soros won't be part of it,
E'en though he'll smell of _______.
Sharia Law, the goal to gain
The Constitution is just a pain.

But remember...

A spark is lit by one man's breast
In whom the light still shines, and lest
We all forget the truth of light,
It shines the brightest in the night,
And when one person answers the call
Of freedom's voice so sweet, recall,
That it is then the flame revives
And spreads anew into other lives.

Don't count freedom out, call "Strike Three!"
Until you're certain of dead it be.
For in the hearts and in the minds
Of just a few freedom finds
A place of refuge, the light still burns
'Tis to that place where liberty turns
And finds a leader to call men home
To once again ascend the "throne"
Of Freedom's call, of our true rights,
Of GOD's gift, FREEDOM, still burns in the night.

© 2013 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved