Monday, October 12, 2015

Watch Out, America! He's mocking and denying something again!

Have you ever noticed that whenever themuslimvileone starts mocking and/or denying anything that it’s exactly what he is going to do?

For instance:

Remember when he said that if you “like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare”? Remember that? He was denying the Republican assertions that you’d lose your doctor. What actually happened?

Remember when he denied the idea of releasing our strategic oil reserves? Yep. He lied about that, too. He sold 5 MILLION barrels of our strategic oil reserve in 2014.

Also last year, he denied planning to sidestep Congress in order to do the Iranian nuclear deal. Of course, as we all know, he sidestepped Congress to get the deal done.

In 2014, he threatened to have our planes shoot down Israeli jets if they tried to destroy Iranian nuclear plants, but this year he denied saying it. He later went so far as to claim to be the “the close[s]t thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this [Oval] office.” He then had the audacity to preach to Jews about being Jewish. (Chutzpah!) He may not have shot down Israel’s planes, but he did not support them in at least seven different ways that may have put them in danger. In fact, it’s a lot more than seven times that he has harmed Israel.

In 2011, he mocked the idea of a secure border, claiming that it was something he’d already accomplished. Yet, as we’ve all seen in the last year or so our borders are as leaky as a former Secretary of State’s e-mail security.

In his Senatorial campaign he liked the idea of “homosexual marriage”, during his presidential campaign, he was against it. Recently he’s been for it again.

Before he was elected prezidunce, he was against using Executive Orders to circumvent Congress. Now we see that his actions speak MUCH louder than his previous words!

He denied going soft on the Middle East, but his later actions prove that he was soft.

He denied that the individual mandate in his healthcare TAX was a tax, but the SCOTUS ruled that it was.

As a candidate, he denies supporting abortion on demand, but as prezidunce he, of course, supports it wholeheartedly and fights to make sure that his healthcare TAX is used to pay for them. Even going so far as to SUE NUNS!

So we see that he has a pattern: Denial/Mocking then doing exactly what he was denying or mocking. That’s a real problem for America because now he’s denying something that will affect all of us, and perhaps create a Constitutional crisis. You see, he’s mocking and denying the idea of a third term for him. Which, if he sticks to his pattern means that he will run! That’s what I’ve been saying for quite a while now, is it not?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Creation? Look at the Numbers!

By Linda McKinney

The “BIG Question” in a lot of people’s minds is the question, “Is GOD for real?” Personally, I believe in Him, but you may not. I don’t understand how anyone cannot. If you look at the numbers, there is proof of Him. How’s that? Let me explain.

Think of the universe and how many stars are in the universe. It’s been estimated that there are 120 to 300 sextillion(that’s 1.2 x 10²³ to 3.0 x 10²³) stars in the observable universe. All of those stars and they’re all exactly where they need to be, doing what they should do.

Look at the number of atoms within the observable universe and it’s estimated that (same link as above):
“[10 to the 78th power] to [10 to the 82nd power] atoms [are] in the known, observable universe. In layman’s terms, that works out to between ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atoms." [superscript not working, thus the written out exponents]
Remember, that is in the observable universe: the universe that we can actually observe with anything from the naked eye to the most advanced telescopes.

When was the last time you heard of a disaster involving the universe (besides a Norwegian psychedelic-pop/rock band)? Unless you consider the alleged “Big Bang” a disaster (which allegedly created you; are you a disaster?), there hasn’t been one. In fact, there are a few questions as to how the Big Bang could have produced a few of the results that we live in today. For instance, the question of temperature equilibrium: science says there hasn’t been “enough time” for uniformity of the temperature of the universe. So where’s the disaster in that? It should have been a big disaster if the universe’s temperatures weren’t uniform as it is considering that an unbalanced temperature could have resulted in us never having happened in the first place because the Earth would have baked, or frozen before we had the chance to even climb out of the mythical primordial ooze. Frozen ooze does not humanity make.

So we have many vigintillions of atoms, making up many sextillions of stars without a single disaster that was created by a “Big Bang” that “just happened” and that exhibits scientifically unexplainable phenomena. We’ll come back to that later.

The second set of numbers I want you to look at is the human body and DNA. I include DNA because if we were created out of random acts after the “Big Bang” and that we are just happenstance as well, then that must be taken into account.

Did you know that the average adult human body has enough DNA in it to make nearly 70 trips from the Earth to the sun and back again? On average, there are 4,600 trillion DNA strands in the adult human body. So this DNA just happened out of the blue? It all happened out of chance. It was a long time coming, but it all came to be. That’s what those who do not believe in a Creator want us to believe.

Okay, now I’m going to throw a little game into the mix. Do you remember the maze game toy? You know, the one that is usually a wooden box with a lid that moves on two axes (ak-seez; plural of axis), has many holes and barriers and you have to get a single ball through the maze to the correct exit in order to “win” the game? Consider how many times you’d have to play that game and get that marble from one end of the game to the other, dropping the ball into the correct “winning” hole – with your eyes closed while you play. You’d never know when to turn the knob for tilting the board one way or the other so you’d be randomly tilting the board and the ball would fall where it may. Correct?

Now, I want you to think of those numbers; the 4,600 trillion DNA strands in the human body and of the ten quadrillion vigintillion atoms in the observable universe.

In order to understand why “random” events did NOT make the universe, man, or anything else in it, I want you to imagine doing the maze game (pictured in the link) but make the maze game big enough to house all of those DNA strands of a single human body and the atoms of the universe combined, with the appropriate number of holes for each of those atoms and DNA strands to have ten each holes an opportunity to fall through that is not the correct hole, and one each that is the correct hole. Remember, there is only one hole that is correct for each atom and each DNA strand to make the universe we live in and to make us as we are.

Think of that gigantic board with all of those holes and barriers and all of the balls marked “atom” or “DNA” and the fact that they are trying to go around the maze and not fall into the wrong holes. Now, remember, this is a “random act” that made the whole universe and humans, so we cannot have an intelligence behind how the top tilts and when it tilts. So, like you playing the single (simple) game with your eyes closed, you have to have a randomizer; say, a “computer” that is programmed to truly randomly tilt the board left or right (X or Y). Considering how many atoms and DNA strands on the board and that they each have eleven holes they can fall into (ten wrong holes; one correct hole) what are the chances that we would have been created at all? Can anyone do the math on that one? What would that look like?

10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 78th power) atoms in the observable universe x 4,600,000,000,000,000 DNA strands x 11 holes each (ten incorrect and one correct) + whatever the possibilities of the balls going into the wrong holes x however many tries it takes to get EACH of the balls into the CORRECT hole at the correct time = A LOT!

Remember, each of those balls MUST go into the correct hole that they would have to go into in order to create us just as we are, to make the universe the way it is and to make everything work the way it does. Add to that the fact that each of those balls must go into the holes at the precise right time in order to have things exactly as they are. If one ball fell into the precisely correct hole too early before the others that had to be there already were there, then whatever was supposed to be created at that time would not have been corrected. So, if the Milky Way galaxy was supposed to be created on Tuesday, July 10th (to pick a date out of a hat) but not all of the atoms had fallen through the correct hole in the maze yet, or had fallen into the wrong holes and were not available to be used at all, then the Milky Way would have been gone, missed its chance, a loser. Oh, well.

And there is no intelligent design behind this?

There are between 100 billion and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone. What if -- on that maze game with all of those balls and holes -- the single set of atoms that didn’t make it into their correct hole at what had to be the correct time in order to complete the galaxy as a whole, were the set that made up the Earth? Then where would we be? The universe may be there, as well the atoms for Earth, but not in order and not on time. The Earth’s atoms would be under the lid, rolling around in the wrong place at the wrong time and unable to do anything about it.

Intelligent design skeptics estimate that the universe is somewhere around 4.54 billion years old, give or take several million years; or 13.7 billion years, depending upon who you listen to. (How very precise.) The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that the Earth is about 6000 years old. If the 4.54 billion years-old number is correct, and there is no intelligence behind the design of the whole shebang, just chance and nothing else, then would 4.54 billion (or 13.7 billion years) be enough time to create – totally by chance – the universe and the capability to sustain creatures like those on Earth: humans as well as the wide variety of animals: fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, insects. Was there enough time to get all of that done before even the 13.7 billion years was used up and time arrived at this moment? Look back at the math of the chances.

Intelligent design, on the other hand, teaches us that there is an infinite GOD who is an intelligent, wise, loving, righteous, holy, caring, imaginative, artistic, joyful, eternal, unchanging, omniscient, omnipresent, merciful, patient, kind, compassionate, great, strong, impartial, consistent, sovereign, self-existent, Father of us all who created the heavens and the Earth for us to enjoy and observe. It teaches us that there was no multiple billion year need for GOD to need to let chance have its way with anything. It teaches that there was a mind behind the universe and the laws that govern it.

The laws that govern the universe: what about those? Would they also not be part of the equation? They didn’t come into being just because Newton, Kepler, or whoever figured them out, so suddenly – Kaboom! -- E=MC2! Consider that the “Big Bang” that is currently taught as the beginning of the Earth and the universe doesn’t teach us where the rules that govern the physical actions of the universe came from. For instance, was gravity there to start with as soon as the “Big Bang” happened? If it was not there, then from whence did it come? Or when did it start and what brought it about after how many years?

Do those who preach the “Big Bang” theory at us day and night want us to disregard the following questions: IF the “Big Bang” theory is true, when did gravity start? Where was it before the “Big Bang”? Did it get stronger or weaker after the “Big Bang”? Did it stop for a while before/during/after the “Big Bang” so that the universe could be “formed” and then start again? If they can’t tell us that the “Big Bang” is no longer a theory then why do they preach it as though it were fact?

Side note: They paraphrase an old saying that if you give enough monkeys typewriters and enough time, that they will type the Bible. Doubters say that. I say that those monkeys, given enough time to get bored with the whole typewriter thing will destroy those typewriters. Those who use that idiotic saying do not take into account the dispositions of monkeys, so it is a totally useless lie. They ignore the “law of disposition” (a law I just created) that governs the actions of monkeys. Monkeys don’t just sit quietly and push the buttons that are supposed to be pushed and use the machine as man would use the machine. They’re monkeys and don’t know that it’s supposed to be used that way. Sooner or later those typewriters will all be destroyed and yes, they may have typed “I” and “a” or maybe even gotten to two letter words “be”, “or”, “it”, etc. The chance of monkeys typing three letter words automatically get smaller and of typing a whole book is infinitesimal. The same holds true with the “Big Bang”. End side note.

So now our numbers look more like this:

10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 78th power) atoms in the observable universe + 4,600,000,000,000,000 DNA strands x 11 holes each (ten incorrect and one correct) + whatever the possibilities of the balls going into the wrong holes x however many tries it takes to get EACH of the balls into the CORRECT hole at the correct time + physical laws’ existence (or creation?) = ALMOST INCALCULABLE!

Look at the numbers. Look at how much faith it takes to make the “Big Bang” theory “work”. Look at how many theories are used to help back up the theory of the “Big Bang”.Then look at my illustrative maze game again because that is a true representation of the whole “Big Bang” theory, minus Intelligent Design. Think of the fact that “random” plays such a vital role in the theory and how big a “random act” it actually is. Look at the numbers. It is not just a number that is being sold you in the bill of goods that is the “Big Bang” atheist theory. It is the deepest, darkest lie taught as fact in existence today besides the lie that GOD is not real and does not love you.

The “Big Bang” theory is just that: theory. It is a way to deny you the truth.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Birthday Party -- Net "Neutrality" Analogized

© 2015 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

This is the tale of a twin brother and sister and their birthday party. They were turning fifteen and their parents promised them a birthday party – one that was going to be grand and held at a nice venue. The sister and brother were told that they could each invite twenty friends that only they knew and that they could each bring one parent as a safety precaution, plus they could each invite five friends (and one parent) that they both knew. So a total of 100 people could be invited to the party. All invitees had to RSVP no later than five days prior to the party.

The daughter, who was very popular, invited her eighteen BFFs and their mothers, plus two BFs and their mothers. She was thrilled about being able to invite so many and just knew that she was going to have a very fun birthday! She was so excited she could barely stop texting about the party for the next three weeks.

The son -- whose idea of a good time was reading Plato, Aristotle, Homer, etc. – thought of only three people to invite, but with his parents’ help, he got the number up to seven (including parents). He didn’t want anyone there for him since he disdained the company of people who were not as intelligent as he (which disqualified most people alive in his estimation), but he cooperated just to please his parents. He’d rather not have a party and spend his birthday reading in his bedroom instead.

Two days after the invitations went out, the word about the birthday party had gotten out and some of the daughter’s other friends wanted to come, too. Unfortunately, she had to tell them that it was a limited party. She was rather upset that she couldn’t invite more people, and when she told her parents about that, she was surprised to find out that she could invite several more: eighteen more, to be exact; plus their parents. Happy day!

Ten days prior to the party the parents sat the twins down and told them the way it was going to be. Since the daughter had been so popular and had so many respondents RSVP in the positive and the son had only two, the parents had decided that, to keep it fair, the extras that the daughter had invited would now be considered friends of the son and they would be relegated to doing things with the son.

“But that’s not fair!” pouted the daughter, “They’re my friends, not his!”

Their parents said they understood, but they had to be fair. After all, they were both their children and they loved them equally and wanted this party to be fun for them both. The daughter stormed out.

A week prior to the party, the parents called another meeting. It was explained that because the daughter had more friends and because they had to assign some of her friends to the son’s portion of the festivities, those people would be buying gifts for the son and the parents were going to assign dollar amounts to the guests and tell them how much each guest should spend on the gifts.

“But that’s no fair!” the daughter loudly proclaimed, “They’re my friends who should be buying gifts for me!

The parents explained that they understood but that because they were both their children and they loved them equally, they decided that it would only be fair to make sure both of their beloved children had the same amounts spent on them.

The daughter stormed off.

Three days before the party, as the family finalized the arrangements at the venue for the party, the parents mentioned that the daughter would have the veggie platters in her area while the son would have the soda, chips, candies and cake in his area, and that would increase the amount of time and attention his area got since he didn’t have as many friends coming to the party.

“But that’s not fair!” screamed the daughter. “They’re my friends and they want to spend time with me! They’re coming for me!”

Her parents explained that they knew that her friends were coming for her and that they appreciated her friends coming to acknowledge and celebrate their children. But they had to make sure that their wonderful son got the same amount of attention at the party so they were going to put the fun stuff on the table for the son.

The daughter slammed the door on her way out.

The day of the party, the parents and their twins set out for the party venue well ahead of party time. The twins looked at their respective decorations and both were unimpressed. The son just didn’t care and the daughter was jealous that her brother had the better decorations – to “make it fair and so that more people would spend time in his area”. By now she’d heard it all before and was just tired of it.

The party guests started arriving and as they entered, the parents grilled each guest as to which twin they were there for, how much they had spent on the gift and then they assigned each guest to whichever twin was “in need of more”. The guests, definitely surprised by the system, nevertheless obeyed and went to their assigned areas, greeted their assigned twin and proceeded to try to have a good time.

The daughter started enjoying her part of the festivities until the parents came over and said, “I’m sorry, daughter, but we must take from you some of your guests because your brother is not having as good a time as you. We hear much more laughter and happiness from this part of the room than from his side.” The parents started herding her guests to the other side of the room where people were basically sitting quietly, munching on fruit, chips, candies, cookies, foreign goodies and every kind of non-alcoholic drink you could want.

This made the daughter reach her breaking point and she started to cry. When her parents heard her crying they came back to her and asked her what the matter was. She sobbed out, “In your efforts to be fair to both of us you have always taken from me and given to my brother. What is fair about that? Why is it fair to take my friends and put them with my twin for my birthday party? Why is that fair?”

The father replied, “But, Daughter, you know that we love you both. You know that we love you equally. You know that we only do this with the best intentions. You know that we want what’s best for you and for your twin brother. What is wrong with that? Is that not fair?”

“It’s fair to want both of us to have the best,” she sobbed, “but it’s not fair to take from me my friends and put them with my brother for my birthday. They don’t even know him, have anything in common with him, nor do they want to be with him because they came for me! How is that fair?”

“It is fair because we love you both and that is fairness. Fairness makes sure of equal outcome without regard to how it came about.” Her father stuck out his chin, “If you are ungrateful and cannot see the fairness in that, then you are ungrateful.”


What do you think? Was the daughter treated fairly? How about the guests: were they treated fairly? Or even the boy: was he treated fairly having the party hoisted upon him instead of not participating at all?

This, my friends, is what Net “Neutrality” does. Liberal/progressive/leftie (LPL) websites and the big businesses pushing for Net “Neutrality” (a lie within the name is still a lie) is the twin brother. LPL websites don’t get as many visitors as they want, so they will be making sure that the Conservative websites are either taken down, or that traffic is routed to the LPL websites instead of to the Conservative site they wished to visit.

Replace the parents in this story with the government. Does it make a difference? Replace the daughter with the decisions that the consumers in a free market, capitalist system get to make. Replace the brother with the largesse of the welfare/equal results. Yes, he was a hapless “victim” of the largesse, but it’s the illustration of the upcoming largesse of the government’s involvement in the internet that shall happen if Net “Neutrality” happens.

Now, consider this: The parents’ (government’s) decision to decide how much was spent on each child is unfair to the children because they may have received much nicer gifts if the parents hadn’t decided to set a dollar amount for each guest to spend. However, in Net “Neutrality” it won’t be the consumers (the “gift givers”, i.e. guests) deciding how much to spend. That will be up to the government, the parental equivalent.

The parents’ choice to make the guests spend time with the son instead of the daughter they actually came to see (in most instances) is the government deciding where we can go on the internet. This, too, shall happen in Net “Neutrality” because we all have to be equal and we all have to have the same outcomes. That’s what the government wants. If it can have that, it will have control.

The whole thing would have been better for everyone concerned – yes, even the parent (government) -- if they had let things play out as they would have without parental interference. However, the government (parents) had to try to show that they loved their children equally. That love, in reality, was not love but controlling outcomes. They wanted to prove that the world loved their children equally, too. Their interference only led to misery all the way around. The daughter was miserable, as was the son. The guests were miserable and uncomfortable, confused and frustrated; those guests are “We, The People”. The only people at the party not miserable were the parents (government) who were in total control of everything and everyone. That’s just how the government likes it.