Sunday, August 24, 2014

Obama: America's Lucifer

By Linda McKinney

When GOD made the heavens and the earth He had already made the angels and the angels shouted for joy when the foundations of the earth were laid. Thus, we know that the angels were happy that GOD was creating our earth and preparing a place for us (as He does now for when we leave our corporeal bodies and enter into His presence for eternity). We also know that heaven, when first created and before the rebellion of Satan, was a wonderful place full of love, light and cooperation and praise of the Lord GOD Almighty.

Within that band of angels was a special angel, a beautiful angel assigned the task of covering GOD’s glory and containing His beautiful light. This angel’s name, it is taught, is Lucifer: a “bright star”. According to the teachings of Christianity (that’s the perspective I write from because I am one), Lucifer was so beautiful and considered himself so very powerful (after all, he contained the glory of GOD, so he had to be more powerful than GOD) that he got puffed up, conceited, egotistical and decided he was going to lead a rebellion within heaven against GOD. Lucifer was going to take over. He was going to oust GOD and be the one in control. In other words, he was going to make us Lucifer worshippers.

GOD, on the other hand, didn’t agree with any of that. GOD decided that it was bad enough that Lucifer considered himself so “wunnerful, wunnerful” that GOD cast Lucifer out of heaven along with all of the angels who supported Lucifer’s attempt to take over and oust GOD. Good move on GOD’s part, I’m sure.

When I remember this story it reminds me of the “Hope” and “Change” thing that the president used to get into office --- along with the other lies and deceptions – and of the fact that he hasn’t kept any of his promises and he’s done all he can to destroy us and our great country. Let me illustrate if you will.

When the president campaigned, he gave folks the promise of “Hope” and “Change”; and many people believed him and followed him. Some followed him so blindly that they cheated for him so that they could ensure his election. He got elected, they got the shaft.

When Lucifer campaigned, he got angels to follow him (about one third of the angels followed him) did he promise them “Hope” to be like GOD as he did with Adam and Eve? Did he promise them “Change” in the same way, or that with him as head angel, the big Winger, whatever, did he promise them “Change” in that they’d get their turn on the throne because he’d give up the throne after a while and one of them could have their turn? After all, it’s only fair. Right? They got the shaft, too.

When the president won the Nobel Peace Prize without earning it, others were placing their belief in him without any real evidence of anything remotely close to success.

When Lucifer got other angels to follow him, had he had any successes besides big talk and bragging? He was going to rule heaven, and they put their trust in him although he never actually did that, got there, whatever. Because of his lack of success he – and all those who followed him – were cast out of heaven. Wow. Success!

Before even becoming president, he walked into some really sweet circumstances and parlayed them to his own advantage in 1996 using betrayal and dirty tricks to get what he wanted and betraying a woman to do so in his effort to win IL State Senator; and using the messy divorces of both his primary and general election opponents to his advantage in his 2004 U.S. Senate bid.

Lucifer, after being thrown out of heaven, and became ruler of this world. After all, if he can’t be in charge up there why not be in charge down here? His ego demanded he be in charge. So to get what he wanted he used betrayal and dirty tricks to get what he wanted. He lied to Eve and told her that she would be “like unto GOD” (verse 4) but that’s what he actually wanted for himself. In getting her to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, she was set up by him and he betrayed her trust in order to get what he wanted.

While running for president in 2008, he and his campaign used a lot of dirty tricks and lies to get what he wanted: control over as many people as possible, something he’d wanted for a very long time.

Lucifer, after being thrown out of the garden and told to crawl on his belly (verse 14), decided that he would start lying to all of the people of the earth to try to get control over more people. He is now called “the father of all lies” and he deserves to be so called. Controlling people – even through lies – was something Lucifer had wanted for a very long time.

After getting elected president, he started lying even more. His healthcare scam has been a lie all along, and he is daily lying to more and more people and is doing its utmost to destroy the economy of the greatest nation on earth. His policies have been disastrous. He has put our troops into greater danger because of his own policies than any president since…. When?

Lucifer couldn’t have done better himself, but he does try. He lied to Eve to get her to disobey GOD and he wants us to continue doing so today. In order to get you to disobey GOD, Lucifer will lie to you and accuse you and tell you that you are beyond redemption, a failure that GOD cannot use, someone who will just keep sinning and you’re going to bring dishonor to GOD because of your sin. Lucifer wants to keep you down and out and keep you feeling unloved, unqualified and unfaithful. Those -- and more -- are some of the lies Lucifer will tell you.

The president is known for looking down his nose at everyone. That’s one of the ways he shows his conceit and disdain for the rest of us. Arrogance is a sin, but that doesn’t prevent the president from practicing it. He’s also known for his disdain of the rest of us. He lays false accusations at our feet while he is the guilty one.

It was Lucifer’s conceit that made him think he could overthrow GOD and made him lead a rebellion against GOD. His conceit brought about his downfall and his ruin and the future for him is very dark because of it. Lucifer’s attitude is begotten into those of us who are not willing to humble ourselves and serve a loving, forgiving GOD. But even Lucifer will bow down at the mention of Jesus Christ’s name and he will someday have to humble himself. Unlike the president, it is written in blood that this shall happen, and he shall spend the eternity of eternities in torment and pain.

Finding new ways to destroy America is the president’s favorite past time. Whether it be with new EPA regulations that will hurt the poor, or with preparing for a non-existent “national emergency” in which he can declare martial law, he likes to destroy as much of America – and our children’s futures – as he can. He likes to gain control of things the government has no right to control, take away our rights and do everything he can to make America a weak, socialized nation in chaos.

Like the president, Lucifer likes chaos also: something GOD neither likes nor creates. He uses those who are willing to do his bidding and takes advantage of situations as he sees fit. Lucifer blinds people to his true intentions as the president did with “Hope and Change”.

Religion is something the president talks about, but apparently doesn’t participate in church services often. The problem is, he’s also quick to try to take away our religious freedom. It doesn’t matter to him and that’s proven by his actions. He’ll lie to you about religion, but he won’t support Christians’ right to practice their religion as they see fit.

As with the president, Lucifer will also target and persecute Christians. Lucifer will destroy as much of the Christian religion as he can: he looks for those he can destroy . Will he get you? If not, don’t worry the president will.

The president echoes Lucifer so minutely that it’s difficult to see any difference in them. The fact that Lucifer uses people to do his bidding is evidenced daily by the inhuman things we see done to our fellow man. The fact that the president of the United States of America is so in line with Lucifer tells me that it is quite possible – I’d go so far as to say probable – that Lucifer is using the president to try to destroy the only Christian-founded nation on earth. The sad part of it is that the president seems an oh-so-willing tool.

Thus, the question becomes when shall we prevent the president from being further used to destroy our nation? Or shall we just allow it and succumb to Lucifer and his demon servant? Where is your “far enough”? Or is it a red line drawn in sand as the president is infamous for using?