Monday, September 24, 2012

The Visit

© 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

The headstone is no different
Than thousands that are just like it
No standing out, no stand alone,
Just standing there, a known headstone.

A mom, a dad, a brother dear,
A wife, a child visit him here,
They come together or by ones
To visit the sacrificial American sons.

They paid the price, the highest cost
To keep us free, no liberties lost,
Gave more than strength, limb, or life,
They gave your heart, too, cut with grief’s knife.

And now the stone, cold, but strong,
Helps your life to move along
And when you visit, this one headstone,
Your memories are not alone.

For other visitors, to other stones,
Are there with you, their memories hone,
The feeling of the place you stand,
In Freedom’s marker for this great land.

Although we visit not the stone,
We ask you to know you’re not alone
We understand the sacrifice,
And thank you all for the given life.

© 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

Inspired by this photo. Again, I remember that WOMEN also serve and I thank them, too. The terms used fit the cadence of the poem, but does NOT reflect any negation of women serving, too.

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