Monday, September 10, 2012

One Foot Away

© 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

On fields of death and glory

       In times of troubles deep

‘Tis men of honor, courage

Whose efforts freedom keeps.

A step away from eternal

       Rest of endless days

A foot away from friend; suddenly,

Friend’s breath goes away.

A foot away from danger

       As EID explodes

Two more platoon mates

Gone now; downed on rough dirt roads.

Home and loved ones beckon

       As oft as heart beats in breast,

He stays for them and others

For freedom’s life’s behest.

Until they all come home now,

       Until the last returns,

Keep them all in prayers

For they make freedom’s light burn!

# # # # # #

I know that there are women serving in our armed forces as well. I do not mean to deny that. I use the term "men" here as in "mankind" and not as a gender. I thank ALL of our men and women who serve, or have served, and someday will serve. I can never thank you enough. GOD Bless You All!

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