Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Foundling Fathers

© 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

The Founding Fathers heard Freedom’s cry --
Though other countries had passed her by --
And picking up this Foundling child
Gave her a home in this country wild.

Freedom’s love for Fathers grew
And multiplied by fours and twos.
Freedom’s love touched hearts of men
And tyranny ne’er held place again.

The Foundling child – denied far and wide –
In Amerca people took her side,
Against the King of England’s shores
The Foundling’s Fathers for her implored.

America now a burning light
Of Freedom’s virtues of all men’s rights
The Foundling’s Fathers declared her life
Worth fighting for ‘gainst gun or knife.

And so began the cost of war
Paid by many as nary before.
Freedom’s cry touched many a heart,
Brand new nation, had its start.

A victory, first one then two,
And Foundling Freedom’s red, white and blue
Was lifted high through rocket’s glare
And Foundling’s Fathers saw Freedom there.

She’s been since then in every fight,
America’s bright and guiding light,
This Foundling child other countries trod on
Became the world’s favorite beacon.

Two-hundred Thirty-six years later now
As other people come take the vow
That Foundling child – the Fathers’ pride –
Writ large in history, the change of tide…

The Foundling Fathers chose Foundling child
Gave her a home in this nation wild
And child, in turn, turned Freedom’s face
Into our nation’s greatest grace.

GOD blessed America with Freedom’s light
He gave within us sense of wrong and right.
And if we listen we hear the drum
The beat of Freedom in our heart becomes.

Thank GOD for Freedom; remember as well
Those who no longer the tale can tell
For in those lives was Freedom’s price paid
Freedom’s Foundling’s Fathers her call obeyed.

© 2012 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

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