Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin: Fighting Dirty Doesn't Trump Free Speech!

The start of his crime spree may have been this:

"it is suspected that Kimberlin had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Sandra Barton’s daughter, Jessica, who was only 10-years-old when Kimberlin met her"
Ever hear of him; Brett Kimberlin? I probably heard of him back in 1978 -- and if not him, then his actions. That was the year I moved to California, but that doesn't mean that we would not have heard of what he had done. He planted a series of bombs at Speedway, Indiana and one of them cost a man part of his leg and the man later took his own life. Kimberlin wound up in prison for seventeen years to pay for his crimes. Not that seventeen years is enough, but it's a start. Maybe with enough people blogging about it he'll get a few more years.

Evil as what he did in the past, his current actions are no better. He used his time in prison -- on YOUR dime -- to become an attorney (What do you call six attorneys at the bottom of the ocean? A good start! -- Old joke, but here's the first attorney.) who sues anyone and everyone who mentions his name in a negative fashion. He almost got a L.A. Assistant D.A. "SWATted" by calling in a false confession of murder, saying he was living at the D.A.'s address and that he had just shot his wife. Evil.

Evil because the SWAT team did respond, guns drawn and with every intention of taking down a murderer. That's Kimberlin's thing: fighting dirty. He can't win without fighting dirty, so instead of a fair fight obeying the rules, he must do the worst thing he can to his opponents.

This blog tonight -- and many others like it -- is not about glorifying evil, but about standing against it -- en masse -- and raising our voices together as one. Isn't that what the Wrongies always use (mass protests, many voices, lots of people? In a message to those who would use Kimberlin's tactics -- even Kimberlin -- that we have the right to Free Speech guaranteed us in the First Amendment and we will not be silenced, we stand united! We ARE Americans and we ARE going rise up against you and all those who will fight dirty, try to silence the Conservatives and those who believe in doing the right thing, against those who try to stifle Free Speech and try to intimidate those who oppose you!

Don't like it? Go join obamination's Choom Gang and CHOKE ON IT!


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