Saturday, April 2, 2011

America, HYK!

When I was a child and learning about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers, I also watched my Dad go off to work in Air Force blues, in those awful green fatigues that I learned very early to starch so stiff that they almost stood up by themselves. I knew other kids whose dads also went to work for our country: day or night, “scrambled” out to make sure that the airplanes the Air Force needed were ready to go. He worked on the bombers, mostly, and they were his babies. I have been all over a B-52 – top, bottom, pilot’s seat to tail gunner’s, bombardier to navigator. I was rolled around in a B-52’s tires and I thought it was wonderful that the nation I grew up in and loved had such wonderful things to protect itself.

That was before I ever realized that anyone who could be elected President of the United States of America could actually hate America at the same time as taking advantage of our capitalist system, our civil rights and our election process. I never dreamed back then that the United States would have to fight for our own survival due to forces from within. On top of those B-52’s I always thought attacks would be from forces outside of America. If anything would bring us to the brink of destruction, it would be the Soviet Union, or China, or the Communists who hated America and all we stand for, but lived elsewhere.

Today, we have an economy that is tanking, putting America on the ledge of a financial cliff made of debt, profligate spending and ridiculous compromises made by the party that is supposed to be more Conservative – supposed to pull us back from the brink with their strength and principalled leadership.

Today, we have forces from within our own country – unions, George Soros (evil incarnate), progressives, power brokers – who are doing all they can to create chaos, disorder, hatred: make neighbor hate neighbor. While it’s apparent why they are doing this, it’s not apparent why they hate America – the country that made it possible for them to have all they have and still, they hate her.

Today, we have a President (I hate calling him that) who refuses to be transparent about anything except what he likes to eat, who hates America more than anything else in the world, who kowtows to enemies foreign and has none domestic except honest, hard working, conservatives who love the country that is paying for his lifestyle in the White House and his vacations, transportation, security, health care, children’s protection and his wife’s whims. All the while, in other countries they complain and moan about how bad America is, how rotten she is, how evil her people – some of them at least – are.

Today, we have a Federal Reserve that is working with the current administration to try to destroy America, again the land that blessed him with his position of authority, his wealth, his opportunities. Our Congresses and Senates – U.S. and States – are battling over the direction our country and our states should go. Some wish to go totally, progressively, toward Communism: everyone has everything that anyone else has at the expense of those who will work and those who don’t work get all the same things as those who do – at the working person’s expense, of course. Want food, health care, housing, a car, a big screen 3D television, a designer wardrobe, and the latest cell phone, iPod and computer? No worries. Those who work will be forced to pay for them for you. You sit down and relax; no need for those who will vote for us to do anything to earn their own way except vote for us, progressive Communist Congressmen and Senators say.

Today, the backs and patience of those who are willing to earn their own way, pay for their own houses, cars, televisions, are being broken under the burden of higher taxes, more regulations, more paperwork from every layer of government – city, township, county, state, federal – they all have to have their reasons for employing more of those constituents who want to work, but don’t want to work unless they have a union supporting their desires for an easier life, benefits and pensions guaranteed due to the threat of striking and the power of the unions. It’s not that the union wants to actually help those workers, it is that they want to keep their power, so they placate the worker to keep the unions getting the votes – and to keep their members voting for the political candidates who will support the unions’ power.

Today, regulation and “global warming” are the name of the game. We must buy certain kinds of toilets, washing machines, light bulbs (I refuse) and our children are being taught the lie of “global warming” as gospel and worshipping “Mother Earth” is the only religion allowed in public schools and some religious schools have picked it up as well. Families are “guilted” into recycling, driving less, or driving a “green” car so that the child in the back seat won’t feel guilty about driving those eight long hours to get to grandma’s house because her family is polluting the planet and causing more greenhouse gasses as they travel. Heaven forbid the teachers tell the truth and teach the child that there is no such thing as “global warming” and man’s impact upon the earth is never as devastating as the earth’s impact upon man.

Today, we have to sit back and be silent as the PC Police will shut us up if we say anything they disagree with. We are not allowed to voice opposition to “gay marriage” because it may upset someone; heaven forbid we talk about faith in any god besides their secular humanism. If we wish to mention the real GOD, we are mocked, laughed at and their superiority for not believing in Him is thrown in our faces. Disallowed to be taught in schools until a lawsuit is brought to make it happen, the PC Police try their best to keep GOD out of schools, the public square, even out of our hearts if they could. GOD is anathema to them: they don’t wish to understand Him, want to hear about Him, get to know Him, or anything else to do with a good, loving, holy GOD. If they did acknowledge Him, they’d also have to acknowledge that He sets the rules of right and wrong and they have broken so many of them and will have to answer to Him one day, therefore they must disavow any knowledge of or acknowledgement of GOD, good and holy.

Today, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachman and any Conservatives are the enemy because we wish to restore America to what our Founding Fathers – enemies also – designed America to be, wrote our Constitution to keep her, and fought to make her. We shall never return to the Republic our Founding Fathers gave us, based upon godly principals and values. Heaven forbid we look to GOD for guidance and to the Founding Documents for our compass, true north. That is all verboten, disallowed and evil: even the mention of it causes those on the left – progressives, liberals, Democrats, Wrongies -- great anguish and heart ache.

Today, that will all start to change. America, HIT YOUR KNEES! (HYK!) Let’s make the year 2011 the year of the greatest spiritual awakening the world has ever seen. Let’s do what they cannot and will not stop. Take back our country through faith in GOD and prayer to Him. It says in the Bible, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Today, your prayers can “availeth much” because this is something they cannot prevent and have no way to fight. GOD is bigger, mightier, more capable than any of their plans, any of their schemers (even George Soros and Obama), any of their power hungry, money grabbing, Communist Manifesto toting, Rules for Radicals following, connected, enabled, high and mighty minions and they have no way to prevent us, stop us, or to stop GOD.

Today, we can start the America’s turn around, start a change in direction and we can make America the country she was supposed to be; Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington prayed she’d be. Today, all it takes is a little extra effort, a little extra time, a little energy to push yourself up from that kneeling position to make the difference. America’s 180 turn can begin today if you will start taking five minutes to pray for her in the morning when you get up. Take five minutes to pray for her at lunch time. Take five minutes to pray for her at bedtime. Put a pillow under your knees if you must (I do), but drop to your knees, go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to protect America from those who will do evil to her, those who scheme against her, those who will tax the children who have not yet been born by spending way beyond our current means and borrowing away our futures.

Today, just in a few minutes, you can make a difference if you will, whenever you think of it, however you wish to do it, PRAY FOR AMERICA. Pray that GOD will turn us back from the direction our country has been going, that He will open eyes around the nation so that there will be no denying GOD and that He will bless our country with strong conservative leadership; leadership that will understand the Founding Fathers and all they believed, what they intended, and how much they must have loved America because they put such restraints upon the government and those who would undo what they did. Although, that has all been ignored for so long and we have been lied to and litigated into other ways of doing things for so long that most of us have forgotten the truth. Pray that GOD will touch hearts, give courage, and strengthen His people to stand and to make America AMERICA again!

Today, HYK! for your children’s futures, for the good of the nation, for the defeat of communism/liberalism/progressivism in America. HYK! so that you can ask GOD to change America, turn her back and bless her with a revival as no one has ever seen before. Then, “will [He] hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” GOD says. And when He says something, whether any human believes it or not, GOD is correct and it is the truth. HYK! to heal our land.

Today, Obama, Soros, Andy Stern, et al, can be defeated with your simple act of obedience. Wouldn’t that be something worth the five minutes here and there?

Today, give Soros and Obama a kick in the pants. Hit Your Knees and pray.

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